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Easy Ways to Fly Cheap

Do you need to travel by air? Whether you must attend a special event, like a wedding, want relax and hangout with old friends and family, or just have the adventure of a lifetime, you want to save money. Right? Don’t you want a cheap flight? With the tough economy and the fact that airlines are losing money at an alarming rate, many consumers mistakenly believe the days of cheap and affordable airfare are gone. They aren’t You just need to know where to look and how to find these cheap rates. How?

37839565Compare airlines. Unless you are flying out of and flying into a very small airport, you should have at least three different air carriers to choose from. Most can choose from at least five. Visit the websites of well-known and budget airlines operating in the United States. You can do this with a standard internet search. Then, request a free travel quote for your intended dates of travel. You should get varying results. Compare your findings. Which airline will get you to and from your destination the cheapest?

Compare online travel websites. Typically, it is cheaper to book a flight directly through the airline, but not always. It will not hurt to visit third-party travel websites, like Use the same information you entered above to get a price quote directly from the airlines. Which way is it cheaper for you to book your flight? Don’t forget to include the cost of taxes, fees, and so forth.

Don’t give up. As previously stated, you should check and request free airfare quotes from all airlines directly and third-party travel websites. Yes, this does sound like a lot of work and it is, but it is very easy. The internet allows you to move around quickly. It should take less than an hour for you to get airfare rates from all popular travel websites and all airlines. Keep going because the last place you visit may be the one to save you the most money.

Signup for email alerts from airlines and travel websites. Technology is cool. Most of us internet users rely on technology and airlines are now starting to embrace it too. Are you a regular traveler or someone who only flies when you get a good deal? If so, signup for email alerts. Most third-party travel websites and now some airlines offer them. In some cases, you can customize your alerts to include moneysaving discounts for specific states, airlines, and airports. If you like getting last minute travel deals, this simple step can make it happen.

Be flexible with your travel dates and times. Typically, mid-day and overnight flights are the best. People avoid these flights because they are an inconvenience. No one wants to be on a plane overnight because it is hard to sleep. Vacationers don’t want to lose a valuable afternoon of their vacation, so they fly early. If you can be flexible, you can save money. With many airlines, you are able to shave $100 or more from your flight by departing Wednesday, as opposed to Monday or Friday.

Book your reservations in advance. Many travelers hold out for last minute travel airfare deals. Yes, these do exist, but they are risky right now. Since many airlines are losing money, some have reduced their flights. Since there are fewer planes in the air, those that are up there are fuller. You may be unable to find a flight with an empty seat at the last minute. Not only that, but not all airlines offer last minute travel deals and discounts. Some even raise the price!

Finally, getting a cheap airline reservation isn’t the only way to reduce the cost of your flight. To save money, familiarize yourself with your airlines baggage fees. Did you know that most airlines now charge for your first checked back of luggage? If traveling with family, condense luggage to reduce the suitcases. Only pack what you need, rely on your carryon bag, and use space saving travel bags.

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