Best Credit Cards for Travel

Pat Mullaly, SafeTravel

Best Credit Cards For Foreign Travel

Foreign travel requires careful planning, especially with regard to the management of money. Cash, debit and credit cards all have pros and cons. Knowing which to carry and which to leave at home can have a major impact on travel costs.

Cash is accepted everywhere, but foreign exchange rates can be steep. Debit cards, although convenient for both getting cash at an ATM machine, and using as a credit card, do not have liability protection if lost or stolen. (By U.S. law, as long as you report your card missing within two business days, your maximum liability for use of that card will be $50 — the same as for a credit card. However, if you wait any longer, you could be responsible for hundreds of dollars in unauthorized charges.) Credit cards on the other hand, are best for large purchases, come with liability protection if lost or stolen and are exchanged at the interbank exchange rate, usually the best rate you can get for currency exchange.

Banks are constantly competing for new credit card customers. Many offer low or no interest for new applications and Reward Programs that can be exchanged for travel expenses.

The online site features some of the top credit card offers this month for travelers that want the safety of a credit card with liability coverage and without foreign transaction fees. (March 2016) Rates and rewards and application links for cards are available directly from their website. (Note: These cards require a traveler’s credit to be excellent.)

Featured Cards without Foreign Transaction Fees include:

CapitalOne VENTURE Card 2X miles per dollar on every purchase, every day; Miles don’t expire; No foreign transaction fees; $0 intro annual fee for the first year; $59 after that.

CapitalOne QuickSilver Card 1.5% cash back on purchases; Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day; No rotating categories or sign ups needed to earn cash rewards; plus, cash back doesn’t expire No annual fee or foreign transaction fees

BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card Unlimited 1.5 points per $1 spent on all purchases, No annual fee and no foreign transaction fees

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Named a ‘Best Credit Card’ for Travel Rewards by MONEY Magazine; 2X points on travel and dining at restaurants & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases; $0 foreign transaction fees, plus chip-enabled for enhanced security and wider acceptance when used at a chip card reader; Introductory Annual Fee of $0 the first year, then $95

No matter which credit card a traveler chooses, it’s important to keep valuable identity documents safe while traveling.

The Safe Travel Money Belt, which is currently available for a limited discounted price, uses modern technology to protect travellers against electronic fraud. The RFID lining provides a perfect security solution that protects credit and debit cards from being cloned and stops unauthorized money transfers. The RFID blocking technology can stop people from becoming innocent victims.

The Safe Travel Money Belt is light and comfortable to wear, and has plenty of room to store credit and debit cards, passport, money and other important documents that need protection. It also has room to carry a smartphone (including the oversized iPhone6s Plus)and keys, giving a person the perfect way to carry important items. As well as being a vital accessory while on vacation, it also allows travellers who enjoy sports and other leisure activities to keep their valuables upon their person.

Safe Travel Manufacturer, Redzephyr, announced today have been extremely pleased and excited about the wholly positive response received by customers to their recent product launch.

Here are what some actual customers have said in reviews of the product:

5.0 out of 5 stars  Very comfortable, forgot I had it on

“With identity theft being an issue these days, anything that can help prevent it from happening to me, I am interested. This money belt has some nice features. The back of the money belt is padded with a fish net material that feels comfortable against my skin. The belt has an adjustable strap that gives me plenty of room to wear the belt comfortably around my waist. This is one of the best money belts that I have tested. The quality of the money belt is impressive.”


“The whole thing seems to be of excellent quality – the material, the seams, the zippers, the snap-in clasp and the adjustable belt. The belt is sturdy nylon, not elastic, which, I believe, will make it more long-lasting. I simply adjusted the length to a comfortable loose fit. Once in position under clothes, it stayed in place, and didn’t need to be flexible to be comfortable.”


We were very concerned about being able to hide our valuables while traveling overseas as well as having RFID protection for our credit cards. This money belt and passport holder will do the trick.

The Safe Travel Money Belt is currently for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time the belt is available at a substantial discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price)

Learn more about the Safe Travel Money Belt,