flu-proof your trip

Stay Healthy: How to Flu-Proof Your Flight

I just returned from a flight to Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t know who had the cold, or when I was infected… but I’ve been down and out for nearly two weeks! Stay healthy as you travel. Don’t let this happen to you! The holidays are a time of celebration and family togetherness. The last thing you want is to catch […]

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Save Money on Holiday Travel

How to Save $$ on Holiday Tavel

If you are one of the millions of Americans who moved away after high school, you have long-distance family. You may only get to see your parents and siblings once or twice a year. Usually, that is during a holiday. Unfortunately, holidays are the worst and most expensive times to fly. On that same note, there are many ways that […]

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How To Save $$$ On Luggage Fees

Save Money by Avoiding Extra Luggage Fees If you want to save money on the cost of air travel, a good place to start is with your airline reservations. The less you pay for a ticket the more you save. With that said, many airlines are now increasing their fees and even creating new ones. You will see this with […]

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Best Family Beach Vacations

The best beaches can be found along the Atlantic and Pacific Coast. Here are a few ideas you may wish to consider for your next family beach vacation. Florida. From Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach, Florida is a prime resort area for family vacations. With perfect weather and miles and miles of beaches, this area is affordable, diverse, and has […]

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Pros & Cons: Vacationing in the Off Season

The Pros of Vacationing in the Off-Season You pay less in airfare. The greatest benefit of vacationing in the off-season is the cheap airfare. Why is it cheaper to fly in the off-season? It has to do with popularity and filled flights. Airlines lose money whenever there are empty seats on a plane. They want to fill those seats, so […]

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Top 5 Kid Friendly US Destinations

Although there are a multitude of destinations considered kid-friendly, here are the top 5 you may want to consider on your next family vacation. 1. Disney World. This ultimate family vacation has been the source of great joy for adults and kids alike. Whether you stay several miles from the theme park or enjoy the onsite amenities, this vacation affords […]

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The Truth About Budget Airlines

If you are looking to reduce the cost of airfare, you may stop and consider budget airlines. These airlines claim they have the best rates in the business. What do you sacrifice for these rates? It depends on the airline in question. You may give up an in-flight snack, drink, movie, first class, or assigned seating. If this does not […]

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Traveling By Air

Easy Ways to Fly Cheap

Do you need to travel by air? Whether you must attend a special event, like a wedding, want relax and hangout with old friends and family, or just have the adventure of a lifetime, you want to save money. Right? Don’t you want a cheap flight? With the tough economy and the fact that airlines are losing money at an […]

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Deals: Are They Good?

If you want or need to travel in the coming months, you may turn to online travel websites. These popular websites, which include PriceLine.com and Orbtiz.com, are a great way to book a trip. In fact, many have special deals and discounts. For some individuals, these deals and discounts can save hundreds. For others, there are no savings. Are the […]

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What Travel Experts Recommend

If you need to fly, you may wish you didn’t have to. What use to be a cheap trip across the country is now one that most Americans cannot afford. Whether you are flying across the country or to the next state, you want to save money. There are many money saving travel tips available online. These are nice, but […]

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