How to Capture the Moment

Travel Photography

Remember “It’s a Kodak ┬áMoment?” – An advertising gimmick to get us all to snap photos no matter where, no matter when. And it worked. For years, we’ve been capturing those precious moments on film, and now in digital format.

But you’ve got to start off with the right equipment. Simple point and shoot is totally possible, and that might be all you want to do. But for more impressive results in difficult circumstances (just the kind of thing you discover when you’re traveling) you need better equipment.

Canon EOS Rebel T5

Canon EOS Rebel T5

I have an old Canon Digital, single lens reflex that does just fine for my needs… but if I were looking today…. here’s one camera I would seriously consider: The Canon EOS Rebel T5. It has super features and the bundle available now on Amazon comes with all the bells and whistles you would want in a great camera. It’s getting all star reviews!

Here’s one review as an example:

Great Little Package! Got it for my wife for a gift, she absolutely loves it. It is a starter DSLR but it can do a lot. The camera was recommended to me by a professional photographer friend of mine, so it must be good. The included lenses are great for zoom-in shots, not really portrait shots. In all, really happy and impressed! -CA

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