Safe Travel Money Belt with RFID Protection for Passport, Credit Card, Money and Valuables

Safe Travel Money BeltKeep your valuables safe in this secure money belt and waist pack. Wear the Safe Travel Money Belt while you travel or play. This money waist pack is light and comfortable for both men and women to wear hidden and invisible beneath your clothing. This money belt will help ensure that your money, credit cards, passport and other vital documents stay safe from pickpockets and thieves.

Don’t be a victim while traveling. In the last 3 years credit card theft has increased by 31%! Protect your valuables with this RFID BLOCKER TRAVEL MONEY BELT – The special RFID (Magnetic Card Protector) lining reduces the chance of your becoming the victim of electronic pickpocketing. Watch this VIDEO for more information about electronic pickpockets! Learn how the RFID lining in the Safe Travel Money Belt protects you!

You can feel free to really enjoy your adventure, and with two generously-sized zippered pockets you can easily carry your smart phone and keys as well. Travel without worry, assured that your valuables are safe and sound.

  • Special RFID (Radio Frequency Shielding Material) lining serves as a magnetic card protector and reduces the chance of your becoming the victim of electronic pickpocketing.
  • Travel in Stress-Free Safety – RFID Wallet – Credit Card / Traveling Waist Pack keeps valuable travel documents safe and secure and hidden out of sight of would be thieves. The money belt has two generous pockets to hold all your vital documents, money and credit cards as well as keys, boarding passes, smartphone-anything you need to keep safe and secure.
  • Light and durable, the money belt has a fully adjustable strap that can accommodate a waist size up to 45 inches.
  • Washable polyester and serves as protection for credit cards. The Safe Travel Money Pouch is designed for both men and women to wear in comfort.
  • We offer a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

Ready to hit the hiking trail or kayak into the wilderness? The Safe Travel Money Belt is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Keep all your valuables secure including car keys, and smart phone safe in this money belt for travel. Buy now at EBay.