Seven Smart Tips for Summer Travellers

Avoid Credit Card Fraud with these Seven Smart Safety Tips for Summer Travellers

Pat Mullaly, SafeTravel

frontwithcontentsSummer and peak vacation time is quickly approaching. Thieves armed with the latest scanning devices are eager to steal all the credit card information and profits they can. Smart travellers can avoid electronic pick pockets using these simple tips.

Seven Smart Tips for All Travellers

#1 Invest in a RFID lined money belt or waist pouch to carry credit cards, passport and valuable documents. Modern passports and credit cards now have RFID chips in them that are used for identification and payment. The special RFID lining acts as a protective shield to prevent thieves from scanning and capturing critical identification information.

#2 Choose only one credit card to take on the road and leave the rest at home. Pick a card with a low or no foreign transaction fee. Do not bring a debit card. There is little to no protection if a thief drains your bank account.

#3 Scan Passport, Credit Card, and Itinerary – leave a copy with a trusted person, take a copy for the road and hide it.

#4 Alert credit card companies in advance with travel plans. Set up automatic alerts for unusual card activity.

#5 Separate money and credit cards and carry in separate luggage and/or a zippered pouch.

#6 Always keep valuables and identity documents hidden and secure while travelling. Carry local emergency numbers, i.e. police, medical center, cab company.

#7 Audit accounts for unfamiliar activity after trip is completed and contact credit card company if necessary.

The Safe Travel Money Belt, is currently available now for a limited discounted price at It uses modern technology to protect travellers against electronic fraud. The RFID lining provides a perfect security solution that protects credit and debit cards from being cloned and stops unauthorized money transfers. The RFID blocking technology can stop travellers from becoming innocent victims.